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One Reason You Must Unleash Your Super Powers.

Few weeks back, I had to see a movie few weeks ago, a young girl, Chloe, was destined to fight the evil that currently dwelled in the land and to prevent future evils from happening.

In order for this to happen, she had to unleash her super powers, in the fight against evil. Physical powers weren’t enough for the work.

And the supernatural powers wouldn’t just pop up, she has to undergo tough trainings and experience really huge circumstances her physical powers won’t just handle.

The more trainings she had, the more she was beaten, and the more her supernatural abilities had to show up.

She failed, was injured, was broken, but no brokenness is enough if her powers didn’t show up. She just had to unlock.

Finally, her supernatural abilities manifested, the true powers lying dormant in her became woke and she was well prepared to fight evil, and make the world better.

As I sat still with my eyes glued to the television, I wondered how much supernatural powers dwells in us. Truth is, we all have super abilities, we have that something extra, it just that we don’t know it.

And, the fact that we are oblivious of something’s existence never implies that it doesn’t actually exist.

Even Chloe never knew she had so much power inside of her until the time came for her to unleash.

I never knew I could run a blog or do something techy until I set out to do it.

I never believed I could speak in public until circumstances came and threw me out of my shells. And today, speaking is one of the few things I really love doing.

Everyone has super powers and abilities, It’s just that some people are either not aware of it or they’re not ready to evoke it.

Either way, you’ve got to know and be conscious that there’s something great about you .

You have supernatural powers and abilities, so when circumstances come your way, don’t complain or fret, it’s a way your powers could come alive.

So when challenges come, instead of complaining, be smart enough to ask yourself, what new skill can I learn from this?

How do I tackle this problem?

It is in being positive, that you begin to unleash.

So, sit back, be positive make the decision to unleash your super powers.

You must unleash your powers for so many reasons. But here’s just one. The world needs you. The world awaits you. You cannot afford to fail us.

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