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How I Overcame Low Self Confidence And How You Can Too.

A very large number of people living on this planet suffer from one major sickness. A sickness that’s worse than AIDS.

This sickness doesn’t make one bed ridden, it may not eat up the physical body but it shatters the mind and ruins people’s chances of being successful.

That disease is called Low Self Confidence.

I had that deadly disease, thank God I found a way out, and I’ll be sharing with you how I became free.

I was once locked up in the cage of self doubt and low self confidence.
I was the girl who would never pose for pictures in public.

I hardly spoke in the midst of people. Though I talked a lot back then in class and at home.

I vividly remember that day in school, we had Oral test. I lost ten marks because I couldn’t stand to speak in front of the class. It was heart wrecking

I was quite lucky, it was my favourite subject and the ten mark I lost only affected my result a little.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. As a child, I hated my eyes so much.
Almost everyone told me how big my eyes were, and I felt terrible. And because of how powerful spoken words are, they affected the way I saw myself.

It wasn’t long before I began to feel ugly. I felt I wasn’t attractive. And the more I felt it, the deeper it sank in my mind that I wasn’t cute enough.

I began to seek approval, because, of course, humans have the innate hunger to be a part of people, to be accepted.

I sometimes had to close my eyes a little, in a bid to make them look smaller to people. I didn’t want anyone to tell me how big my eyes were.

I continued trying to fit in until during my mid teen age, I discovered I had a very huge gaint inside of me.

With time, the gaint grew bigger and refused to stay anymore in that cage of low self esteem.

Then I began to do things, crazy stuff that made people think I was going nuts.

I dared my abilities, killed fear and stepped out to chase my dream.

The more I walked towards my dream, the better I felt about myself. Low esteem was dying and I was loving myself for the guts I wielded.

There was something else I did.

Knowledge grows confidence. I never knew that, until I noticed that the shackles of low self confidence was breaking with every book I read.

Truth is, the more I read, the more confident I became and I had so much to share with people. Reading good, life transforming books can actually sky rocket your self confidence.

And then I began to be bold enough to turn deaf ears to people’s sayings.
I stopped allowing whatever people say make me feel bad.
I refused to make their musings and gossips gain validity.

I only focused on doing what is right.

I helped other people feel better, it in turn made be better. That’s a magic, I tell you.
If you help people feel good, you’ll feel good too.

And then, I did something I never knew. I could do. I spoke to students of a high school without an iota of panic, during one of my reach outs.

Sweetie, I overcame self doubt, you too can.

You can love yourself the way you are.
You can be exactly who you are.

You can own yourself, unapologetically.

You are beautiful, the way you are.

You are God’s best.

You are one in 8billion+, not just one in a million.

You are full of potentials, unleash them.

You are awesome.

You can become better, and you can live your life being very confident in your abilities, in your self.

Just take the right steps.

I love You.

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