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One Reason You need To Stop Searching For Miracles.

Ever met people who are so confused in life?

They have dreams but are too afraid to go after them. They have resources but are scared of losing them. They have mentors but will rather sit back and look. They want to appear really perfect. They don’t want people to laugh at them if they fail.

That’s crazy right?

Some people don’t just want to lose people in their lives, they value validation over their success. And so, even when they’re pretty sure they need to break off from these people, they still wallow in self pity and let those not-so-friendly friends stay.

And then, these same people go about looking for a miracle. Searching and hoping for a golden opportunity that’s gonna fall of the sky.

That, of course never happens. Because, you’re the miracle that you seek.

We have to begin to see our potentials, what power reside in us, what we are truly capable of doing and make the decision to set those potentials on motion. That’s when all the powers in you are unleashed.

You’re the miracle you seek.

I was talking with a friend some weeks ago when he told me without mincing words, “Chidera, you have everything you need to become really successful, it’s in you, God has given them to you. You just have to stop looking down on yourself and launch out”

Those words struck me really hard.

I realised two things. I had been looking down on my abilities, and I have been searching for miracles elsewhere, not realising that I am my own miracle.

Truth is, I’m not just only my own miracle, you’re not just your own miracle, we are also other people’s miracle. And if we do not realise that we have miracles down inside of us waiting to be explored, how do we bless other people by being their miracle?

You cannot give what you don’t have, and even if you have it, you cannot give what you have but don’t know that you have it.

You have to become self aware. You have to understand that you’re a walking Miracle, that way, you’d hold yourself responsible for your success.
Not depending on your father, or your rich uncle to send you capital to start up that business.

You would begin to realise that not even your friend or mother can be enough miracle.
You need to wield the power within you. That’s your miracle. That’s your super power.

Your success depends on you, your failure depends on you too. Your life is a summary of the decisions you choose to make.

Leave those friends that hinder your growth. Let go of your pasts and don’t let them over power your future.

Do what’s necessary, let go of negative energy and behaviour.

You’re a miracle. You’re your miracle.

Explore your world and discover the miracle in you.

You’re the miracle you seek. You’ve got everything you need. Never look down on that little, start with it.

Being a teenager is no excuse here, there are records of very rich teenagers. What idea is in your head? Go right out there and show ’em what you’ve got.


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  1. I totally agree with the writer of this article. Discerning this fact does not come easy and when one is able to come to the reality that He/She is the Miracle, The next step is to begin to function in that Power.
    Wisdom is the application of Knowledge.

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