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Here’s Why You Go Through Bad Times.

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It’s okay to fall.

It’s okay to fail.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to stand

It okay to feel alone and lonely.

It’s okay to get heartbroken.

It’s okay to experience the bad side of life.

We should only be careful to allow the bad moments grind us into beautiful powders.

I finished Reading Juliana Oyelode’s book titled Rebirth: From grass to Grace.

She unashamedly told her story, from the time her parent separated, to the time when a neighbour sexually abused her as a kid, to how she got famous.

The journey isn’t always smooth. In fact, it’s never always smooth.

Life will bring us lessons at different stages. The lessons are often compulsory. We need the lessons to scale through life. We need the experiences to become a better version of us.

Sadly, some people never alow their own lessons make them better, they get heartbroken and vexed for getting to experience such pains and they slip into drugs and alcohol. Some join bad groups and become terrorists.

Truth is, the universe is always in balance.

It knows how to journey us through life.

That’s why our experiences are never the same. The events that happen in our life aren’t the same.

You may have a beautiful childhood and I may have the worse childhood anyone can think about. It isn’t because the universe is unfair or God is wicked.

It is because, to become who I have to be, I’ll need those bad childhood experiences. I’ll need those pains and tears to make my tomorrow better.

You had a good childhood because that’s what your future needed, it doesn’t mean there’ll be no other pains in your life. Life will definitely bring you the pains you need.

So dear, no matter what you’ve been through or are going through right now- The stress of reading for examinations, the fails, the sicknesses or the death of a loved one.

Just hold on because the pain is what the future you needs, to truly manifest. It’s what you need to grow.

Embrace it, the pains, and cry if you have to. It’s okay to go through life like this. For in the end, your story makes the difference.

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