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Got Limitations? You’ve Got Options too.

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Truth is, Limitations are everywhere. There’s always something trying to limit what you do. Sometimes they could be personalbeliefs and other times they are external forces.
Whatever one it is, Limitations only limit people. It can never propel you to be better.
And, Only people who don’t stretch are confined in a box by Limitations. If you don’t stretch out of it, if you don’t break the limits, you will be limited.
Limits are meant to be broken, Not to be obeyed or pampered.  If you want success, learn to stat Breaking limits. Stretch.
Everyone, every person experiences Limitations. We all limits set before us. Stopping us from being whom who’ve been predestined to become.
You don’t have to do anything wrong to experience Limitations, it’s just part of life.
What you do to the Limitations around is what makes the difference.
First off, break limiting beliefs.
There are beliefs we hold on to that hold us down. The belief that it is too hard, the belief that you can’t do it even when you haven’t given it a trial.
The belief that you’re not good enough, the belief that success can be for some chosen people but definitely not you. The belief that your village people are following you. The belief that demons are tieing you down.
The belief that you’re not smart enough for it. The belief that you can do it all alone. The belief that life is difficult.
Limiting beliefs. They hold you back and stop you from taking necessary actions and trying out new things.
There are other Limitations we get to experience.
Lack of support
And others.
However, your life is a sum total of the Choices you make.
The Limitations you experience will only stop you if you allow it. Even though environment plays a large role in people’s life. It shouldn’t determine how you end up.
Financial challenges can as well pose as a Limitation, the only answer it needs is for you to stretch and break it.When you’re lacking support, your dreams and goals are yours. It is yours to make happen. Just focus on stretch yourself.
When you get to that goal, you’ll have so much support.
Stretch, give it all you can. Focus on what you want. Deal with limiting beliefs.
The stretch will be painful and uncomfortable, cry when you have to. Yet don’t give up. Keep stretching until the limits breaks and launches you onto greatness.
This life eh, it is yours to live. I’ve told myself I’ll live it to the fullest. I’ll unleash every potential and I get so much Limitations to break.
The journey has not been an easy one, infact, no journey to stardom is without a story.
You will break down. Just keep stretching. You will be really afraid, keep stretching.
Just stretch yourself, try new things. Get new knowledge. Work extra hours, pay the sacrifices, attend more events, build more networks. All these are not comfortable. Yet, being comfortable won’t take you anywhere.
Stand Up today and stretch till you break off those Limitations.

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