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4 Simple Magic Ways To Becoming Anything You Want To Be.

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Everyday,  I meet people who want to do this or that, they want to run a side business and grow it into something huge. It’s been 8months since they started thinking about it and nothing has been done. Nothing at all.
Joshua in his late 20’s wants to become a doctor, following his childhood aspirations. He knows this is what would bring him all the happiness he desires, but he thinks he’s too old to go back and begin this journey. How does he find the motivation to follow his childhood dreams?
Truth is always this, you can be anything you want to become, no matter how old or young you think you are. You can do anything you want to really do.
Last week, I watched a video about Terrarai Trent, a woman from Zimbabwe who was married off at age 11 in exchange for a cow. she loved education and really wanted to go to school, to sit in a chair and desk and raise up her hands to answer questions but her father believed girls shouldn’t be sent to schools, at 18 she had four kids. Yet she pushed on, and it took her 20 years from the day she wrote down her dreams on paper to finally get her PhD. Circumstances couldn’t stop her.
Watching that video reignited my resolve that anything is damn possible. Thanks to my friend, Karimot, who sent it.
And here are four simple, yet magical ways to become that thing, that personality you’ve always wanted to be.
  1. See It.
What do you want to be? What do you see yourself becoming? What do you dream of? What do you see? You can’t do it if you can’t dream it. If you cannot paint the picture of it in your head, it will be really difficult to achieve.
So, the first thing to do is to know and imagine what you really want to be. A doctor? In your head, paint a picture of you wearing a doctor’s robe and treating patients in a particular hospital. Think of the joy this imagination gives you.
See it, paint the picture constantly in your head and most importantly, write it down, and go for it.
  1. Focus Is Everything
The worst thing that’ll happen to anyone who really wants to become is distraction. Loss of focus. You’ve seen the image, now don’t lose that  image, keep it within reach and see it always, focus is simply continuous concentration on a thing.
Do not allow all that happens around steal the image from you. That image should be very precious to you. You lose it, you loose what you want to become. Keep it and see yourself flying high in a while. In a nutshell, protect your Focus.
  1. Service, Be Useful.
Service is the easiest way to open up opportunities for your growth. You don’t have any excuse whatsoever. Keeping idle is a complete waste of your energy and life. Do something.
While working towards becoming, learn to serve, if you get paid for it, fine. If not, stay cool and volunteer. That way, you’re amassing Wealth of experience, building relationships, and keeping your mental powers alive.  Go out there and do something new, no matter how little, as long as it takes you closer to your dreams.
  1. Patience
In Terreria’s case it took her twenty years to actually get what she wanted, lots of failures and difficulties. Yet she kept at it. When you begin, it’s not always going to be success, they’ll be ups and down too!
Sometimes, the downs may last longer than the ups, and then you feel like nothing is moving at all. You write exams and fail even when you know you prepared hard, it’s heartbreaking, we know. But you can’t just let go.
Summon courage again and keep going for it, be patient, it’ll only take time. Your long awaited dream will become reality. The things only you see in your head will come to life for everyone to see.
But until it comes, stay patient and be faithful to your dreams. You can become anything.

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